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Making great franchise networks better.

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about us


Making great franchise networks better

Fransquared is a dedicated franchise consultancy and recruitment agency, committed to assisting some of the UK’s most forward-thinking businesses in expanding and optimising their networks.

We offer a comprehensive range of services centred around three fundamental pillars: development, recruitment, and marketing. Each area is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring they receive targeted support that drives tangible results. Whether it’s building a franchise model from the ground up, attracting the right franchisees, or crafting effective marketing strategies, Fransquared is your trusted partner in franchise excellence.

We raise the bar

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Our culture.

Everyone at Fransquared has a restless ambition to develop business, achieve growth and deliver best practice with the franchise clients we support. We know that realising this ambition takes hard work and dedication, but we do it with a spring in our step and smile on our faces. So why not get to know more about us, we will be happy to help.

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Fransquared have been a great sounding-board for us at a key stage of developing our international franchise offer. They're equally adept at looking at the big picture and the small print. They quickly understood what we’re trying to do, and was able to advise from the first meeting. Their combination of plain speaking and commercial nous have helped us enourmously.

Andrew Stephen | CEO | Sustainable Restaurant Association

So what makes us different?

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We focus where it matters.

Our experience and franchise expertise allow us to focus on each client’s needs quickly and efficiently, using maximum energy on delivering better results.
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We bring fresh thinking.

We challenge ourselves and our clients to do things differently. We believe that’s what turns good business into great.


We go above and beyond.

Our goal is overdeliver at all times and make a positive difference in everything we do. So why not get to know about us a little bit more.

Meet the team

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Founder & Director

Andy is a leading Franchise Business Consultant – fiercely committed to guiding business owners and established Franchisors to build happy, profitable and successful franchise networks. With qualifications in Management, Digital Media and Marketing, he has helped build, advise and grow leading 6 and 7 figure franchise brands in the past decade.
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Dr Jenni is an education expert who started, franchised, scaled and sold her first business, all within 8 years, and before the age of 35. During that time, she worked with 103,248 children, won 19 prestigious awards, worked with 53 franchisees, over 1300 teaching staff, and appeared on multiple local and national news outlets. 

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Lynsey was a founding member of a national education franchise, with significant experience recruiting franchisees and being part of a rapidly growing franchise. She has run hundreds of classes and created curriculum content used by over 100,000 children. 
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I would highly recommend working with Fransquared. From the moment they met my business partner and I, they were helpful, professional, highly skilled and driven to help us succeed. They were brilliant in showing us the potential that franchising our fledging business could bring, before we even realised it! Following on from the end of our first project together we now feel our business is in a fantastic place and they has given us all the tools we need to launch a successful franchise.

Matt Williams | Director | Prima Dance Academy

Meet our clients

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