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Our franchise consultants deep experience and strategic understanding of how to successfully franchise a business means when you work with Fransquared, you’ll be put on a pathway to success before embarking on recruiting franchisees.

If your looking for a first start then check out our first franchisee for some extra help when your getting started 

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Fransquared ran our franchising project and we were really impressed by their professional attitude, but more importantly they really cared about where the business was going and how we were going to get there. Their knowledge regarding the franchising world was excellent and they always gave advice that was well considered and has continued to make us think about things in different ways. I believe that anyone starting a project with Fransquared gets excellent value for money and the meetings gave us motivation to keep working hard at our dream to franchise the business.

Laura Skilton | Founder | Baby Squids

How we work

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Our franchise consultants help aspiring and established Franchisors develop and grow their business. We invest time in getting to know a business from the inside out, to ensure our advice and support is perfectly tailored and allows you to seamlessly enter the franchise market prepared and confident of success.

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The Franchise Starter Project

The Franchise Starter Project is a proven programme for small businesses to start successfully franchising their business within 16 weeks

Most people fall into the trap of thinking it will take months and months (or longer!) to franchise their business. With the Franchise Starter Project, it doesn’t need to be this way and with guidance and regular meetings with our franchise consultants, you should be prepared and document ready to start advertising your franchise opportunity. And hey, if it takes a little longer for any reason then that’s fine, there’s no time limits with the project.

The project usually takes the form of six meetings, with the aim of taking you from Franchising Novice to Emerging Franchisor. We will drive the project and take as much of the workload as possible, and following some simple steps get you and your business ready and prepped for launch!

Franchising doesn’t need to be difficult and we'll be there every step of the way.

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How we work


4 steps to a successful franchise

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A proven and successful brand

You’ll need to make sure your business concept and brand is proven. Proven usually means that you’ve been running for at least 18-24 months (ideally longer) and in that time have shown consistent growth, progress and demand for what you do.
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An attractive business model

Are you profitable? Will franchisees be profitable? This will be key to your success both initially and long-term. Franchising can be a challenge and Franchisees at times can be demanding, but you’ll find whenever people are making money and supporting themselves it tends to take away a lot of stress and provides a greater environment for business growth.
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This is absolutely critical to franchising success on so many levels. There needs to be a consistent approach to how the brand is run across territories to ensure exacting quality standards, but it also extends to the Leadership from Franchisors. Being consistent with support, decision-making and growth strategy will be vital to achieving success.
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Laser focus

Guess what, if you run four business and split your time between multiple projects, it’s likely your franchise ambitions may get lost in all of that. Dedicating yourself to ONE over-arching goal will be important to give your business the best possible chance of success.

The Project Structure

Generally the project is split into two stages, but over the six meetings, this tends to crossover and topics are discussed multiple times to ensure it’s fully been covered and all areas have been diligently considered.

1. Feasibility Analysis

We’ll look at your business from every angle to make sure we are prepared for franchising. Anything that needs adapting, we work through.

2. Franchise Modelling

There are different models to choose from and they may not all suit your business, so we’ll discuss what works best and make some key decisions.

3. Financials

We need to make sure you’re fully aware of what to expect both in terms of your revenue to run a franchise business and expenses. We also need to ensure the model works for franchisees.

4. Territory Mapping

This is an essential area of creating your model and maximising the areas you service. We’ll pull data needed to figure your ideal territory size.

5. Franchise Recruitment

We’ll look at who your ideal franchisee is, where they hang out, how to advertise the opportunity and the process of bringing someone on board.

6. Legal Agreement

Often referred to as a Franchise Agreement, we’ll work together to ensure you have a watertight agreement that will mitigate your risk and strengthen your brand.

7. Operations Manual

We’ll create a user-friendly, online operations manual ready for franchisees to learn from and utilise to run their business successfully.

8. Training & Support

Training plans and ongoing support structure are key to ensuring Franchisees can be a successful as possible. We’ll plan this out fully.

9. Business Planning

We’ll pull everything in the project together at the end and set some targets to aim for, which we can check back on in the future and track our progress.
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Some of our clients

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It’s been great to work with Fransquared on our initial franchising plans. They are highly knowledgeable about the children’s sector and have taken great care in guiding us through the process. Fransquared has been thorough in helping us to develop the model, including all the potential challenges, as well as helping us to develop a plan that makes the most of our potential to grow. Their insights are practical and ‘real world," and it’s clear their insights are driven by real experience. Moreover, Fransquared has helped to give us the confidence to take our ideas further and establish our first franchise pilot. We’re looking forward to the next steps of our journey with their support as well as really couldn’t recommend them enough to any business looking to expand through franchising.

Donna Bamford | Co-founder | Sparks Film & Media Arts

High quality projects, affordable fees

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At Fransquared we work with development clients on a project basis when supporting them franchise their business. However, we find this tends to work best when getting everything organized and ready, as well as being able to provide tailored advice based on your model and strategy.

And while we are considered the leading franchise consultancy for the sectors we serve, our fees are affordable and payable in monthly installments.

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Any questions?

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Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer all queries.

Firstly, consider if your business proven and profitable. Proven generally means running successfully, growing and clear market demand for your service or product for at least 18 – 24 months, ideally longer. Profitable relates to how attractive this will be for someone to run the business and make a good living. However, if these boxes are ticked, then consider if the business is easily repeatable for someone to be trained on and then launch in their own region. If you can train and support someone to do it then it’s likely repeatable.

A huge benefit of working with us is that we’ll try to take as much of the work off your hands as possible. Aside from the six meetings, and some prep work in between meetings, the majority is done for you. This said there will need to be good chunk of your time spent on the adding content to the Operations Manual and potentially some franchise recruitment materials. This aside, you’ll be free to continue running your business as normal without a huge time drain from the project.

It takes a focused and driven individual to successfully franchise their business and grow a network. However, it will be hard work at times, challenging and demanding. Moreover, if you are willing to work hard and have ambitions to see your brand on a national or international stage then franchising could be great for you.

There are lots of ways to recruit franchisees, which we will go through in detail during the project with the best methods for your model discussed. Generally, we’d always recommend having an ‘Opportunity Website’ which you drive traffic to through content marketing, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, online directories and other methods. Once you start driving potential franchisees to your website, following some simple steps and a proven process you’ll soon start engaging with qualified and interested leads.

Currently the project has a set fee. Contact us to find out more information.

While we cannot offer you any guarantee of success, much like any consultant couldn’t, if you’re unhappy with the project or our work together after the first meeting, we’re happy to offer a full money back guarantee should you request it. We’ve never had a client request money back and don’t anticipate any future clients doing so either but it may just give you peace of mind should you change your mind.

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